Coffee Consumption


The black drip to my drop

Fills my green cup.

5 am is brew time where I’m from.

Caffeine consumes my eyelids

As they pop open to the morning.

A day without you

Is like time without tock.

I love the calorie-less liquid

As it warms my mind.

A drug? Yes! A drug to make

Life a little bitter-sweet and better.


Since I started teaching, my coffee consumption has doubled.

Yes. Doubled.

So this Saturday I’m celebrating coffee! Yay for staying awake during the day! Check out Ruth Ayres Writes and link your own celebrations.

I used to be content with one hot cup in the morning, but that was when my day started at 7 am. Now with my commute to school, coffee sounds goot at 5 am, 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 9 am.

When I last say the dentist, the hygienist said, “Ah, a bit of a coffee drinker, huh.” It wasn’t a question. The evidence was on my teeth. Despite the slight stains, I still like coffee. And in my defense, it’s the only caffeine I drink.


So cheers to that black drink! Have a cup and think of me.