A “Real” Teacher

I have classroom and building keys.

I have students.

I have a school-issued laptop.

I’ve started teaching lessons.


Am I a real teacher now?

I don’t have a chalkboard.

I don’t have a lesson plan book.

I don’t have a red pen. 2341162140_1921f84bc6_o

Am I still a teacher?

I’m a prom sponsor.

I’m on lunch duty.

Students call me Miss Empfield.


Does that make me a teacher?

But I don’t have my teaching certificate.

I don’t have a name plate outside the door.

I don’t get paid. name plate

How does this make me a real teacher?

I have students.

I have a chance.

I can connect with other teachers.

With students.

I can have an impact.

I can make a difference.


I am a teacher.