Celebrating R & R


My typical day goes as follows:

5:45 Wake up

5:47 Brew coffee

6:00 Begin getting ready for the day (clothes, hair, makeup)

6:30 Warm car up

6:35 Eat breakfast and brew more coffee to-go

6:45 Leave the house

7:00 Meet with co-worker to carpool

7:30 Arrive at school

8:00-4:30 School

4:30 Leave school

5:00 Arrive at carpool meeting location

5:10-6:10 Gym

6:15-9:30 Rest

After a long day it’s always nice to sit down and reflect on all I’ve accomplished. From coffee to school to gym, and throw in an hour commute (round trip), it’s a long day. I have to cherish the rest I get. I’m especially thankful for the rest I get on weekends, although I worked at the bank today from 8-12.


I’m first celebrating rest today. Check out Ruth Ayres Writes to see what everyone else is celebrating.

Rest keeps me going.

Rest provides rejuvenation.

Rest keeps me sane and healthy.


Secondly, I’m celebrating reconnection this week. On Wednesday a group of my friends and I spent the evening getting together. Since no one could decide what to do, it was up to me. I suppose you could probably guess where I chose.

A coffeehouse.


I loved catching up with my friends and taking a few moments to reconnect with them. I also tried a bubble tea for the first time (almond and blueberry). It may be one of my new favorite drinks – it was so fun to drink and it was also delicious. However, I’m still trying to figure out why they call it tea.


Today after work I met up with another friend for lunch. Because it was a place of my choosing, we went to a coffeehouse. Albeit, a different coffeehouse than I went to earlier in the week.

Yet another moment of reconnecting with a good friend.

This week has reminded me that I need to spend time away from my teacher persona. Although I love education and teaching, I need moments for Kelsey, not Miss Empfield. I need balance. I need rest. I need moments to reconnect.

Cheers to a great week!