Something to Celebrate


It’s amazing how much can happen in one week. From work to social life to personal time, the week is an overwhelming thing. I love participating in Saturday’s Celebrations (join Ruth Ayres Writes to link-up your own) because it forces me to reflect on my week and focus on the great things that happened.


Here’s what I’m celebrating this week:

1) Warmer Weather

Although January should be chilly, this week was a nice break from the ice and chilling temps. The snow in the side streets melted and the driveway cleared up, too. We had a 60 degree day so my reading class went outside to read for the period. We didn’t even need jackets…

2) Snow

Yes, I’m celebrating both warmer weather and snow in one week in back-to-back celebrations. Today was a beautiful winter wonderland and I absolutely loved it. January went out with a bang today and I appreciate colder weather in the winter. It is, after all, winter.

Photo Jan 31, 2 19 02 PM

3) Literacy

Isn’t this something we should celebrate every week? I recently started a young adult book club with the high schoolers and this week the book started circulating. I’m excited to see how many students actually read it and participate in our first meeting. I also got the junior highers interested and they picked their first book for book club this week, too.


4) Job Opportunities

Jobs are starting to open! Even better is the fact that I will be a certified teacher in a few months so I can actually apply for them, too! This week I focused on perfecting my cover letter and resume which was stressful, but now I can use them for all the jobs I apply for. I’m breathing a little easier now.

5) Internet

It’s amazing how much I use the internet each day. It’s been especially great now that I’ve started applying for jobs. I have a professional website, a LinkedIn account, and a variety of professional social media sites to market myself.


Cheers to a great weekend and an even better week!