Books I Bought In January


I have a new addiction: buying books.

I love clicking around on Amazon and getting books two days later. It’s like some sort of magic trick. Now I just have to figure out how to wave a magic wand and make the charges on my credit card disappear.

Purchase #1

Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust


I started a book club at the school where I’m student teaching. Unfortunately, both the school library and public library have extremely limited options of new books, especially graphic novels.

The students were really interested in the book, so I had to buy it. I would recommend this book to less emotionally mature readers who perhaps wouldn’t be able to handle other Holocaust books such as Maus I and II.

Purchase #2:

Reading in the Wild


I was talking to another teacher in the school. She had mentioned how frustrated she felt because she has to teach a daily reading block, but doesn’t have adequate training to do so. Getting students to read and also enjoy reading can be difficult.

I had mentioned Donalyn Miller to her because I’ve read her books The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild as well as seen her present at several conferences.

She was very interested in helping readers so I ordered one of Donalyn’s books. It’s a great addition to my professional development library, but this book will also help teachers at my school.

I’m excited  to see what transpires from this book in my school.

Purchase #3:

American Sniper


My boyfriend was so excited to see American Sniper – we waited in a very long line at the movie theater to see this movie. We both loved it.

My boyfriend is somewhat of a reluctant reader; his reading life consists of informational texts. I jumped at the chance to expand his reading horizon and ordered the book.

He started reading it immediately. In fact, he read over 50 pages the first evening he got it.

Purchase #4:

Romeo and Juliet graphic novel by Gareth Hinds


I’m teaching a Romeo and Juliet unit to my sophomores. I decided to order the graphic novel, but I’m still not quite sure how I’m going to incorporate it in the class. I may assign sections of it or I may just mention it in class and see who’s interested in reading it.

Either way, it’s a great novel. Gareth makes Romeo and Juliet of different ethnicities which is a great launching point for discussion.

Purchase #5:

American Gun

american gun

Because my boyfriend loved American Sniper so much, he mentioned that he’d love to read Chris Kyle’s other book, American Gun. If he’ll read it, I’ll buy it.

It is true – readers just need the right book. Book matchmaking is a skill that I will always need practice doing, although I’m far better at it now than I used to be. (A few years ago, I thought The Road would be a good match for my boyfriend. Boy was I wrong). 

My classroom library can always grow. New books will continue to be published. Slowly and steadily I will keep adding to my collection.