Celebrating the Week


With week 5 under my belt, I’m settling into the pattern of life as a student teacher. It was a fast and furious week with a few celebrations along the way (check out Ruth Ayres Writes for more celebrations):

1. Poetry

I always plan a poem of the day for each of my classes. I read the poem during the last five minutes of our time together. I love sending students out with a bit of inspiration, and it’s a great way to incorporate daily poetry with the limited freedom I have in the classroom.

Some of the poems of the day this week included:



I know I read more, but with the busy week I forgot to tweet them! Much to my dismay, when my seniors told me they despised poetry , I knew I had to do something different.


I’m willing to take suggestions to help with this current predicament.

2. Cell Phones

My one little word for the year is connect. I’ve been connecting with friends at least once per week, and cell phones make connecting so much easier! Just a few seconds of my time and I’ve sent a message to my cousin who lives three hours away.

3. School Activities

Throughout college and high school, school has always been better when I’ve been involved in school activities. When I began student teaching, I knew I needed to delve into the school community and get involved. This week I attended two events.

National Honors Society (as a sponsor):


Basketball games (as a Wildcat fan):


4. Cat Lovers

This week I learned that two other teachers and a student are cat fanatics. As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I was ecstatic to hear the good news. Hello whole new topic of discussion!

Photo Feb 07, 4 17 29 PM

5. Life

Unfortunately, I saw “I’m better off dead” written in colorful Sharpie on the wrist of one of my students. When I told the counselor, she said it was normal behavior for this particular student. I am shocked and I want to help however I can. My friend Maggie who is also student teaching this semester (in a different school district) had 3 student suicides within the last week. To top it off, we had a death in my family this week, too.

We need to celebrate life when we have it.