No Sniveling

My cooperating teacher warned me: whenever there is a flake in the sky, the kids start whining. They won’t stop complaining about how there shouldn’t be school because they want to go home. She also added that she doesn’t allow complaining in her classroom because it would never stop.

And, just as she said, yesterday the outside of the classroom window looked like a snow globe. The sophomores came in with big, grumpy faces.


“I should be home in bed because it’s SO snowy. Why do we even have school today?”

With my cooperating teacher not in the classroom at the moment, I knew I had to put a stop to it. Unfortunately, it was much harder than I expected. Teenagers are masterminds of arguing if you didn’t already know that.

“No sniveling,” I commanded. They stared at me with confused faces.

“What’s sniveling?” And they then proceeded with complaints about the weather.

I stuck to my figurative guns, “No sniveling. Sniveling is complaining.”


Honestly, my attempts to stop the uproar were futile. But they now know that I don’t approve of complaining in class. Thankfully, my cooperating teacher’s entrance diffused the situation; she’s good at classroom management.

Well, at least the kids learned a new word today.