Blogging Binge

I’ve been observing middle school classes where the period is spent helping (watching) students finish worksheets. There are only 14 students in the class so I can circle the room in 20 seconds and help all the students who need it (which is hardly any – the assignments are easy-peasy).

2889870211_0998ef0b83_oAfter circling, I retreat to the corner of my room where my writer’s notebook sits and take a few moments to journal. I’m required to keep a journal while student teaching. Twice a week, I’m supposed to write my thoughts and reflections, a completely open-ended assignment. (Why isn’t education more open-ended all the time, by the way?). I believe in working smarter not harder so my journal entries double as blog posts.

When I have a spare moment at school, I transcribe my writer’s notebook entries into the electronic file that I’ll submit my journal entries to the college.

Unfortunately, WordPress is blocked on the school network (I guess blogs are evil?) so over the weekend I take my flashdrive home and start working my blogging magic.


Last weekend I scheduled six blogs to publish periodically throughout the next two weeks. It’s like an awesome blog binge. It’s great because throughout the week I don’t have to worry about my blog. I just watch my email for new post notifications.

I don’t need to worry about my blog during the week because I’m too busy thinking about my teaching methods and lesson plans. And of course, blogging binges give me more time to think about the students, too.