One Big Celebration

After weeks of tirelessly searching the classifieds, I had my first job interview this week…and, much to my surprise, was offered the job on the spot! This fall I will officially become a Wyomingite.



No more worrying about where I’ll end up. No more fretting about homelessness. I feel so relieved that I know what direction I’m headed. And I’m so excited about that direction. The position is a 7th grade ELA teacher. This week two of my biggest dream came true:

  • Teach middle school
  • Teach in Wyoming

But more so than those two dreams, I am most excited about the school I’ll be joining. Here are some of the ‘good feeling’ moments I had during my interview time: 1. Relationships When I interviewed, I was all about building relationships with students. That is why I’m a teacher, after all. When I had the opportunity to ask the questions, I asked, “What are the goals for your school?” The principal said his school focuses on two things: relationships and rigor. This is a school that first focuses on the students before anything else. Absolutely perfect. 2. Books! I toured the school library and saw NEW BOOKS. Books published within the last year. I saw The Night Gardener on a shelf. But wait! It gets better. The school library also has new GRAPHIC NOVELS. I saw a student carrying El Deafo. Score! 3. Technology Smart boards in every room. Teachers using cell phones to teach. A robotics class. Yes. 4. Professional Development The school schedules professional development days and brings in big-names in education. These four things are just the tip of the iceberg. I know great things will happen at the school. And I can’t wait to be a part of it.

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