Classroom Management on Mondays

The halls on Monday morning have a subdued feel to them. Kids rub their eyes as they walk like zombies to first period. In class they hardly talk and they slump in their chairs.


The halls on Friday morning are electric. Kids noisily chatter to each other. Enthusiastic and animated gestures fill the area. They shove each other jokingly as they head to first period. In class they can’t sit still.


It’s been interesting to observe the overall mood of the school because it differs from day to day. Mondays the kids are sleepy and they’re adjusting to the school week. As they week moves along, they wake up and come to life.

I love trying to wake them up during the beginning of the week, but I’d rather not try to subdue their energy towards the end of the week. We teach grammar lessons on Monday and it’s always a struggle to get them excited about the content – they’re too sleepy to care about gerunds. On Fridays, we teach vocabulary lessons. It’s always a struggle to get the kids to quiet down and take notes on Fridays – they have too much on their minds.

Teachers need to tap into the student mood. Reading on Mondays would match their energy, but doing a hands-on activity would wake them up. They need to get up out of their chairs and get moving to become energized for the week of learning. On Fridays, students need to put their electric energy into something constructive. Peer discussion or working on independent learning projects would engage students and match their energy levels.

Let’s engage students and tap into their energy levels. Let’s quit fighting their noisy chatter and sleepiness. Let’s make classroom management a little easier for ourselves.