That’s What I Call Good Acting


Before student teaching, one of my professors told me that good teaching is good acting. She said that you have to pretend you like doing things even when you don’t. I thought, Jeeze. Good teaching = good acting = being a good liar. And in a sense, it is lying; not being truthful about something is lying.


Although I scoffed at this notion of being a good actress two months ago, I’ve learned the value of her advice. I can’t show favoritism; I have to act like I love all my students even when I may not. If I didn’t put on my actress façade, I wouldn’t reach all students. The ones I didn’t like would slip through my fingers because of my overt favoritism. Students expect teachers to be fair and treat all students with respect. Even if I don’t want to, I know I have to.

If let students know some of the things they do irritate me, they may use it to their advantage. Although I cannot stand gum chewing, I don’t say anything and act like it doesn’t bother me. I have to be a good actress. If I wasn’t, some students may chew gum just to get on my nerves.

But the most value I’ve found in the good acting advice is when I’m having a bad day. Yesterday morning was full 3542944126_e4e8b11ffd_oof issues before I even headed to school. It was the worst morning I had ever had: my body shook, my blood pressure worsened, and my thoughts ran continuously. And I had to go to school and teach.

I knew I couldn’t let my inner-feeling show because if they did I wouldn’t make it through the day. I pulled into the school parking lot, putting on my game face, my actress façade:

Okay, Kelsey. Everything will be okay. But you have to get through the day. You can do it. Be a good actress.

When things are great the acting is easy. When things go wrong, the acting is so difficult.

I managed to at my way through the day and somehow 4 pm came. It was a trying day, but I feel good with my performance. While on stage in front of students, I was a graceful actress. After my experience yesterday, I don’t feel like I was lying. I was being the best version of myself in front of students. I wasn’t a different person. I was Miss E.

The best Miss E I could be.