Middle School Madness

They’re weird. Awkward. Strange. Obnoxious. And sometimes stinky. They’re unsure of themselves and they want to fit in.

Middle schoolers.

Love ‘em, hate ‘em; they are what they are. They are entering a new stage of development: prepubescentry at its finest. Their hormones are going bonkers, minds are expanding, bodies changing. They should come with a warning label. They’re a caution: WARNING MOOD SWINGS POSSIBLE.


Beware of HORMONE trains


I see many people get frustrated with middle schoolers because they lack focus and they like to talk. However, they’re a lot easier to understand if you can understand their stage of development. They’re not perfect adults. They are PRE teens. Not kids, not adolescents. Yep, awkward.

And I love them.

I’d rather teach the seventh graders rather than the seniors. I can be goofy and they can be goofy. I can pitch a crazy, out-there idea and they’ll go along. They’re not too cool for school yet. More importantly, middle school is a pivotal time in their lives. They’re making more of their own decisions and, as a teacher, I can help guide them to make the right decisions.

But it breaks my heart when they make the wrong decisions. A few weeks ago, I saw a middle schooler who wrote “I’m better off dead” on her wrist in black sharpie. I don’t know what she deals with at home, and I can’t change her home life. But I can let her know I care about her. She’s brilliant. I love having her in class.

I just need to make sure she knows.