Get Over Confrontation

My pre-service education did not prepare me for all of the teacher meetings I’d have to attend. Going to all of the meetings has been a very interesting experience. Sometimes the meetings go smoothly…well, when there’s not a lot to talk about.

At other times, when the agenda is full, the meetings get heated. Everyone has their own ideas and their own way to tell everyone about their ideas.

4686702475_5954022117_oI get it.

Teachers are passionate; that’s why they’re teachers.

I know when I’m passionate about something, I get on a roll, and sometimes the roll doesn’t stop so easily. However, we’re professionals, and that’s what I enjoy the most.

Although there is confrontation in the teacher meetings, everyone is professional. It’s not a screaming match. It’s just a disagreement within a conversation.

I was talking to a teacher after one of our more heated meetings and I told her the confrontation had started to make me uncomfortable.

What she said in reply was what I should have been taught in college:

“You’ll get used to it. Get over confrontation.”