Sick Days

This is my 200th post on my blog. To celebrate, I sniffed my way to school and learned that it is not fun to teach when you’re sick. I’ve been developing a sinus infection over the last few days and it has become increasingly difficult to teach teenagers.

‘Bleh’ is how I feel.


Maybe I should have stayed home, but I’m not feeling bad enough for that. I can still function. Besides, I stayed home yesterday. Even though I can’t function on the same level I’m used to, I dragged myself to work today.

Tuesday mornings the juniors read a short story as a class. I always try to mix it up, get them moving, and try to energize their sleepy morning brains. But not when I’m feeling equally sleepy and sluggish. It was a slow morning to say the least.

The rest of the day dragged on in this same fashion.

I feel bad for my students trying to learn from a less than energetic teacher. But I’m only human. I’m trying the best I can, and I guess that’s all I can do.