To the Student Who Undermines Me…

Dear Student,

Yes, you are smart. I understand you have a high intelligence level. Now can we move on? I feel degraded and unfairly judged when you make sarcastic comments like, “And YOU’RE going to be an English teacher?” Clearly you make these comments because you think it’s fun to undermine people in order to demonstrate your 5337057955_9a9fdfd4d2_ointelligence. But it is neither kind nor respectful. I don’t mind if you notice I misspelled a word on the board and you politely correct my mistake, but you correct people with spite in your voice.

I, too, am an intelligent person. I can see through your façade. You want to be labeled as “the smart one.” This is the mask you hide behind. Because of this, you get angry when others achieve academically, especially when they do better than you.

What this really boils down to is two factors: Insecurity & Boredom. I know you’re afraid of losing your title: “The Smart One.” However, people will always judge you, and you need to learn how to not care so much about other’s perception of you. There will be times when you’re not the smartest person in the room – get comfortable with it. Also, I realize you’re board in class. I try to push you and enrich the curriculum, but I have limitations as a student teacher. And when I do ask you to stretch your mind and go further, please don’t complain. It’s good for you and will benefit you. I promise. Please don’t become complacent because you can get away with it. Always strive to learn.


Miss E