A Glimpse of Freewriting

I love freewriting because there is no right answer. It’s liberating. No one telling me what to do or say or think or feel. What a great feeling.

When I can write whatever I please, I feel as if I have my rightful citizenship as a human. It’s my decision what to think, but there’s always something or someone at my ear, telling me what to do. I hate that. My spirit is contained when this happens. I have no life in me anymore because I’m not controlling myself when this happens. Someone else is. How terrifying. To have no control over yourself is the worst type of death.

My soul is inflated when I have the choice. The opportunity. The privilege. To be myself. To think for myself. To freewrite for myself.


I finally had the opportunity to lead a five minute freewrite in my classes. I told the students to write about whatever they so choose: breakfast, classes, feelings, whatever. There was only one rule: do not stop writing.

Some students wrote about recent adventures with friends. Some wrote a stream-of-conscious narrative. I played around with potential blog posts. I shared some of my piece. Some students shared their entire pieces; some students shared their topic. One student whipped out his phone, played a song, and sang along to it using the lyrics he wrote during the freewrite.

Students were courteous to each other. They respected their writing. For that moment, I created a community of writers.

I can’t wait until I can do this every day.