It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 5/18/15

My reading life has flourished in the last week because my school year is officially over. But wait! There’s more. For the first time in two years, I do not have ANY summer classes which means I’ll be reading for pleasure… for the entire summer.

Harvey by Herve Bouchard


Harvey is a young boy who disappears. This graphic novels tells the story of how and why Harvey disappears. However, because of the book’s brevity, I could not connect with Harvey, his brother, or his mother. It seemed like more of a bizarre glimpse into a sad boy’s life. Even though the book didn’t resonate with me, the illustrations were beautiful, all tinged with grays to reflect the overall sadness of the story.

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley


Katie is a top notch chef before she even turns thirty. On top of it, she’s got a great boyfriend and is a part owner of the renowned restaurant where she cooks. Looking to make her life even better, Katie decides to build her own restaurant, “Katie’s.” Unfortunately, the construction isn’t going as planned, and things take a turn for the worse when her relationship falls apart. But when Katie discovers the house spirit of her old restaurant, magical mushrooms guarantee Katie won’t make any more mistakes.

Katie was a frustrating yet realistic character. After over a dozen obvious mistakes she made, I wanted to jump into the book and tell her that she was an idiot while also begging her to make better decisions. Despite my frustration, I enjoyed the realistic elements of the book, but surprisingly I didn’t mind the magical elements either. Ghosts are not my favorite (even though ghosts often make appearances in graphic novels), but the balance of realism made the story a good one.

I loved this graphic novel. Completely in color and wholly cartoon animation, this book is great for young adults like me. I also liked the interaction between Katie and the narrator. Because I love cooking, I especially enjoyed the book. Even though this book does not have a place on the shelves of my classroom library, I recommend this book to all my friends.

The Loch Ness Monster and Other Lake Mysteries by Gary Jeffrey & Illustrated by Bob Moulder

loch ness

Three creepy crawly mythical creatures take center stage in this nonfiction graphic novel: The Loch Ness Monster, The Lake Champlain Monster, and The Lake Erie Monster. Sightings of Nessie, Champ, and Bessie respectively are depicted in full color. Although I have no interest in lake monsters, the graphics and presentation of the facts made this topic a bit more interesting for me.

The book concludes with a primarily text discussion about fact or fiction in relation to lake monsters. I like that the author defines “reliable evidence.” It also lists organizations for more information and books for further reading. This is a great nonfiction addition to any classroom library.


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