The Quest of a (Clueless) Teacher

Being a teacher is hard work:

walk there,

talk about that,

blabble on about stuff;

most importantly,

DON’T let the kids get out of


So much responsibility.

So much work.


Sometimes I’m tired

or lazy

or cranky

or all three.

Teaching is taxing;

there’s not always a right answer.


I don’t always know what to do,

a weird feeling.

I have to be a leader

and lead whether I know what to do

or not,

a daily challenge.


I never knew it would be

so subjective

and hard.

Keep writing,

I tell them.

It’ll help.

They look at me with


and doubtful eyes.

I don’t know if this is right,

but it’s what

we’re going to do.


After student teaching for one semester, I have simply moved from one quest to the next. First, it was The Quest of a (Clueless) College Student, but now that I’m a teacher I have more responsibility. Knowing that I am a major factor in student learning, I am terrified of failing my students especially in my first year teaching. I think all teachers have felt clueless at one time or another. However, I’m optimistic that the clueless feeling will dissipate with experience.