2 Easy & Cheap Teacher Gifts in 5 Steps


As I concluded my student teaching experience, I wanted to get something for my cooperating teachers. The problem?


How is a broke college student supposed to give awesomely wonderful gifts?

Well, with a little creativity I pinched my pennies to make spring-inspired gifts for my teachers.

I started my project by, of course, scrolling through Pinterest to get inspired. I eventually found 10 Teacher Gift Ideas that will Knock Their Socks Off. Now, I didn’t necessarily want their feet to be cold, but I used “Sharp Minds Cup and Sharpies” and “Helping Me Grow” for inspiration.


This gift has two elements: water bottle and pens. Because I frequently broke my cooperating teacher’s pens, this was the perfect gift for her. And because she always exercises, I figured you need a water bottle for that. Although this gift is pricier than the next gift I’ll cover, it was worth the price. And besides, this was the easiest gift I’ve ever made.

Step 1: Walmart

I know most of us dread this place, but it is an absolute necessity for the project. At the store, I bought the two supplies I needed: water bottle and pens.





 Step 2: Unwrap

First, take the unnecessary wrapping to free the pens and the cup.

Step 3: Dump

Simply dump the pens in the cup. I put them in with the tops of the pen toward the top of the cup.

Step 4: Cover

Put the lid back on the water bottle.


Step 5: Curling Ribbon

That’s it! I also added curling ribbon to make it look especially cute.


Total cost = $15.71



I had two cooperating teachers during student teaching. Another teacher truly took me under her wing and was instrumental in making me feel comfortable at the school. To thank all three, I needed something inexpensive.

Step 1: Walmart

I bought all of the supplies I needed except for the pieces I already had at home. Here’s what I bought along with the prices:


$.20/seed packet. Total = $1.80


$.97/pot. Total = $2.91


$1.82 for six flowers

Step 2: Snip

The flowers came in a pack of six, so I had to take the scissors to them. I kept two together to make three sets. Once they were snipped, I placed one set (still in the black container) in one of the pots.


Step 3: Seed Packets

I used Scotch tape to secure three seed packets together. Then, I also secured one Popsicle stick to the back of the grouping. Stick in the back of the flowers.


Step 4: Write

A handwritten note is always more meaningful than something printed on fancy paper. I found yellow paper at home and, with a fine point Sharpie, I wrote: “Thanks for helping me grow.” I tore the slip of paper by hand to make it look more rustic.

IMG_2081 IMG_2082

Step 5: Hang

I had some hemp cord leftover from a friendship bracelet kit I had when I was younger. I snipped a little bit off and secured it with Scotch tape to the back of the slip of paper. Simply hang it from the flowers and leaves so that it is centered.

IMG_2084 IMG_2083



Total cost for 3 = $6.53


While I whipped up these two projects, I also baked cookies for my students to celebrate my last day!

 IMG_2090 IMG_2089