Celebrating Through the Sneezing

An unwelcome plethora of mucus has invaded my sinus cavities and, although summer colds are a bummer, I needed a moment of reflection to find something to celebrate this week. Visit Ruth Ayres Writes to link up your own celebration.


1. Connection

As my one little word for 2015, connecting with others is my goal for the year. This is my third summer working at the bank and I really think that it’s the best one yet. We have such a great team of tellers and working this summer doesn’t feel like work; it actually feels like a vacation. Connecting with coworkers makes work a blast. I really appreciate the recent “connection momentum” after being pretty lonely this past semester student teaching. Hopefully it will carry over into the start of a new school year.

2. Mucinex

Thank goodness for some relief from this icky-sticky stuff inside of my nose and chest. Mucinex claims to “make coughs more productive” which I discovered today means coughing up that icky-sticky stuff. So Mucinex is awesome and the bright side is that being sick means taking it easy = more time for writing and reading.

3. Weather

Today is a hot one, and I have the afternoon off. The past week we’ve gotten some seriously hazardous weather (check this out!) so it was nice that today, without a cloud in the sky, I got a chance to hang some towels to dry.

Photo Jun 19, 3 34 19 PM (1)

4. Food

I absolutely love watching The Food Channel when I work out. The fast-paced competition of Chopped and the easy laughs of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives keep me motivated to run on the treadmill. However, I am incredibly spoiled and either my dad or my boyfriend cooks for me on a regular basis. But sometimes I get inspired like I did this week.

First on the menu was stuffed bell peppers. For a non-cook, it was an adventure. A very delicious adventure. When I make this recipe again, I would boil the peppers beforehand for ten minutes before stuffing and baking that way they are thoroughly cooked.

Photo Jun 16, 7 14 25 PM

Feeling ambitious, I made another recipe that I’ve never tried before: frog eye salad. Although, for some odd reason, I keep calling it frog EGG salad. As appetizing as frog eyes sound, frog eggs sound worse. The jury is out until the salad has been chilled for a few hours and I can taste test.

Photo Jun 19, 2 54 54 PM

5. Weddings

I haven’t posted a celebration in several weeks because summer weekends are just so busy! Last weekend my boyfriend and I attended a country wedding complete with horse and buggy rides, mason jars, and yellow flowers. It was a textbook country wedding and I may be slightly jealous of the wedding’s sheer awesomeness.

Photo Jun 14, 9 28 28 PM

So here’s to mucus, coworkers, eggs, and mason jars! Have a great week.