Build Relationships and Make Connections: Advice from a Teacher Intern #summerPD

After wrapping up my semester student teaching, I candidly speak with Elisabeth Ellington about my experience.

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This post is part of a series on #summerPD.

This week, I interviewed one of my favorite bloggers, Kelsey Empfield, about her recent experiences as a teacher intern. After a stellar teaching demonstration, she was offered a position as a middle-school reading teacher. She’ll be starting that first teaching job this fall.


Kelsey and Maggie with some of their NCTE swag

What was the best thing about student teaching?

I loved the opportunity to finally get into the classroom. It was a monumental moment when I realized that the students whom I’ve been thinking about for years were actually in front of me – live, breathing adolescents.

What was the most challenging thing?

There were things I didn’t like and I knew weren’t effective. But I did it anyway.

It was also difficult to accept my role as student teacher. I was given bread crumbs of…

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