Book Adventures in Nowhere, Nebraska

My family and I recently went on an adventure-filled vacation to southern Colorado. By adventure-filled I mean we broke down in the mountains, smoke coming from the hood of the car, and had no cell service. It was a vacation to remember.

Despite having car troubles, we began our vacation with an impromptu adventure to a book store in the small town of Bushnell, Nebraska. If you haven’t heard of Bushnell, don’t panic. Most people (including folks from that area of Nebraska haven’t). The population is 124.

I had heard about The Sisters Grimm, a unique book store/coffee shop/antique store, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to travel to the small town to check it out. Cue impromptu vacation!

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 21 PM

The Sisters Grimm

My family decided to stop and check it out because we love to read. We were greeted with an abundance of books. Books everywhere.

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 25 PM

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 07 PM

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 06 PM

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 39 PM

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 10 PM

Photo Jul 23, 1 19 47 PM

We spent nearly an hour browsing the various sections and we all ended up with a purchase!

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 15 PM

My brother, mom, me, and dad

I added four books to my classroom library.

Photo Aug 09, 7 09 19 PM

So if you’re ever needing an impromptu adventure, I highly recommend The Sisters Grimm in Nowhere, Nebraska.

Photo Jul 23, 1 00 33 PM