It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 11/2/15

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly blog meme. The kidlit version is hosted by Unleashing Readers and Teach Mentor Texts.


Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Ish by Peter Reynolds


What better mentor text to teach theme than Peter Reynolds picture books. From art to creativity to friendship, the message Reynolds embeds in all of his books is profound and wonderful for my 7th graders (and me) to hear.

The kids got a kick out of Ish and yes, sometimes we do things ish-ly now in Language Arts.

Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

sky color

After I read Sky Color, I asked students to reflect on what they thought the theme of the book was. One student said, “I think the theme is that the sky is many different shades and so are people. People have a lot of different emotions and feelings. They have different shades.” Every day, these people whom I teach impress me.

Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson


I read my first Jacqueline Woodson book this spring when IMWAYR bloggers couldn’t stop talking about Brown Girl Dreaming. While I liked the book, I didn’t love it. I wanted something more.

I got a lot more with Locomotion.

Lonnie tragically loses his parents in a house fire, which causes his little sister and him to be put into two separate foster homes. While Lonnie finds a safe haven in his poetry book, he tries to heal from the loss of his family. Yeah, some people see his dark skin and pierced ear and assume he’s nothing but trouble, but others see Lonnie for the great kid he is.

Written as a free verse novel, this book had bits that reminded me of Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover. The honesty, the truth, and Woodson’s astounding poetry made this book a fast and wonderful read. For people who love Woodson or The Crossover, you need to read this book.