It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/11/16

It’s Monday Funday as I like to say. And this is a book blog post. It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly blog meme hosted by Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

Here’s what I’ve recently finished:

The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett


3/5 stars

Moving to Wyoming really isn’t very exciting, especially when the most interesting part of the new town is….*drum roll*….cows. Unless you’re a prankster, that is. While Miles was known for pranking at his old school, he is terrified that he will lose his identity, especially when he shows up the first day and someone has moved the principal’s car up the stairs and in front of the main door! Let the prank wars begin.

I got to see the authors last year at NCTE and they were full of energy and made me really want to read their book. Too bad for me, I was a bit too slow picking up the ARC, so I returned home without it. This year at NCTE, not only did I score The Terrible Two, I also got the ARC of the brand-new sequel! A goofy middle grade novel with hilarious illustrations, my grade sevens are going to love it.

Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan


4/5 stars

Echo has been getting so much buzz I had to check it out! This book has four distinct stories. The first begins with Otto 50 years before WWII. Wandering in the forest, Otto finds a harmonica and three spell-bound princess sisters. Initially, I was disappointed with the fairytale story, but quickly the narrative changed via the magical harmonica to 1933 Germany where we are introduced to Friedrich. He is a child who wants to conduct orchestras. After a series of events, the magical harmonica ends up in 1935’s Pennsylvania. Mike and his little brother Frankie live in an orphanage for boys. They find their peace in their piano playing, but are introduced to harmonicas.

The story ends with the harmonica in 1942’s California with Ivy, and the harmonica ends up bonding all of the narrative storylines. Pam creates four distinct stories that drew me in and kept me interested. I’ve been reading many IMWAYR posts applauding the audiobook version of this novel because it adds music, a centerpiece of the novel. I’d love to listen to it, even after reading the novel.

Bunny Vs. Monkey: Book 1 by Jamie Smart


2/5 stars

Bunny loves living in the forest with his forest friends until monkey is sent in a pod through space to Bunny’s beloved forest. Monkey is all about destruction and domination, but Bunny and his friends won’t stand for that.

Bunny was so cute and there were moments in this comic that I sincerely laughed. However, I just don’t like comics! Or I haven’t read the right comic for me yet. I was continually frustrated by the too-brief episodes and I wanted more substance. But…Bunny was really cute.