5 Things that Motivated Me to Have My Best Year in Reading

My reading goal for 2015 was to simply read more than I did in 2014. And I did it. I read 10,000 more pages and 19 more books. Yay!!!

The Numbers

Books read in 2015

33 graphic novels

6 adult fiction

13 picture books

32 young adult lit

5 professional development

8 notable short stories

1 collection of poems

8 nonfiction

32 middle grades

10 classics

For a grand total of

148 pieces of literature

Out of the 148 grand total, 126 were chapter books (excluding picture books, poems, and short stories) which beat last year when I read 81 or the year before with 75 chapter books.

Number of pages read in 2014:



My Thoughts on the Numbers

Another reading goal that transpired in 2015 happened after I accepted a position as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher. The goal was to ingest more middle grade novels. Having only read five middle grade novels the previous year, I exceeded that number significantly. Reading nearly thirty more middle grade novels this year, I found myself easily recommending books to the seventh graders because I made middle grade novels a priority this year.

I was shocked that I read more young adult literature and adult fiction than I did last year because I wasn’t focusing on those two genres whatsoever.

While I only read five professional development books this year, I was focusing on quality rather than quantity. In college it was easy to rip through a professional development book because they were just shaping my ideology. Now that I’m teaching in a classroom, I find myself carefully considering each suggestion I read, which takes more time to think and reflect.

This year was a great year in reading. In fact, never before have I read so many books in one year.

I had my best year in reading. Ever.


A few factors really contributed to this year in reading:

1. It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

This weekly blog meme kept me motivated. I always found my next book when I read everyone’s post weekly. I heard about the best books before they were named Printz or Newbery or Caldecott winners.

2. Library Visits

I’ve always liked the library, but this year I relished the trips I took there. New books on the displays kept me coming back every two weeks when I had to return the old ones.

3. The Numbers

Knowing that I had to read more than 129 books to make my reading goal kept me reading. and reading. and reading. The numbers truly motivated me and I kept a close eye on the number of books and pages with Goodreads.

4. Book Recommendations

Being in the classroom with students every day, I was constantly on my book-recommending toes. The kids need a book role model and someone to go to with preview book stacks. I had to have books at my finger tips and ready to be recommended.

5. Time

Not having 16 credits of college classes truly freed up my time for pleasure reading. Making reading a priority over Netflix or dusting allowed me to have my best year in reading.

Keep watching for the books that made my “Best Books of 2015” list!