It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/1/16

This week I have read books that now top my all-time favorite lists. Isn’t that what reading is about? Finding the next best book, learning from it, and appreciating it.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly blog meme. The kidlit version is hosted by Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.


Here are some wonderful books I’ve recently finished:

I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

i wish

5/5 stars

I first heard about this picture book on Nerdy Book Club. When I read the beautiful blog post, featuring the book, the combination of illustrations and prose brought me to tears. Last May when my co-worker’s daughter graduated high school, I suggested she buy the picture book as a graduation present. She took my advice and let me know that both she and her daughter shared beautiful tears, full of memories and love, as they read it together.

I finally bought a copy for my classroom, but am saving the reading of it for the last day of school. When it came in the mail, I read it aloud to my family and couldn’t even read the last page because I had already started to cry.

This book now tops the list of my favorite picture books and will now be a staple for graduation, baby shower, and I Love You gifts.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling


5/5 stars

Not reading (or watching) Harry Potter during the height of Potter-mania really put me at a disadvantage among peers. While people would allude to all things Harry Potter, I was left without a clue. This is what has driven me to read the beloved series.

A few months ago when I first came to conquer the Potter series, I was left disheartened after reading the first book. Some kids running around a school unsupervised. Boring! I didn’t understand the hype.

Fortunately, my poor experience with the first book did not prevent me from recently reading the second book. I absolutely loved it! Adventure, plot development, mystery – this book has it all! I’ve heard from many Potter fans that the third book is one of the best and now I am very excited to pick it up and join the conversation.

Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans by Don Brown


5/5 stars

After hearing many IMWAYR bloggers praise this book, I finally understand what all the fuss is about. Informative yet appealing to readers’ emotions, this graphic novel is profound.

I was in seventh grade when Hurricane Katrina shocked New Orleans. Then, I didn’t realize the bigger picture. After reading Brown’s book, I have a more complete understanding of the devastation and the missteps that happened during this horrific event. The illustrations added a deeper level of understanding and made me truly empathize with all who were involved.

This outstanding novel is now one of my most-loved nonfiction graphic novels.