Bumps and Bruises

Today when I was grudgingly putting dirty laundry into the washer, my forehead decided to fight the cabinet. I came away with all of the laundry successfully in the washer and a gnarly bump on my forehead.

It hurt.

Still does.

I thought my physical bump was a good analogy to this first year teaching. This year I have endured many bumps and bruises as I figure out how to put myDSC_2649 theories into practice and teach in the classroom. I’ve stumbled, fallen short, and had to get back up again.

This year has not been easy.

In fact, this first year teaching has been harder than anything I imagined in my pre-service education, including student teaching. I have muddled my way through meetings, lessons, classroom management, and professional development. With two quarters as a teacher under my belt, I feel like it’s finally starting to click. Sure, not all of it has been good.

But some of it has.

With every bump I’ve learned. Every day in the classroom has given me valuable teaching experience to reflect on. Each interaction with a student has given me confidence I need as a teacher.

So yes, I will rock the bump on my forehead tomorrow at school. I will get the laundry through the washer, into the dryer, folded, and put away. Right now in the classroom I’ve endured bumps getting started, but now I feel like the “laundry” has been washed and dried and needs to get folded. I still have several months left, but before I realize it I will have to send my students off to the next grade level.

I still have two more quarters to bump my head, but you can bet I’m going to make them the best quarters yet.

CC image courtesy Kevin Hale