About Kelsey

I’m just a girl who has officially made her way through college and I’m now educating the future generations of America.

No big deal.

My passion centers on education, the outdoors, and cats (in that order). I blog about topics in secondary education, particularly in English, and my experience in the classroom. This is my cat, Zoe, helping me with this blog. In fact, this is normally what it looks like when I blog…just in case you were curious (which you probably were).


This year is my first year teaching and I’m currently a seventh grade Language Arts teacher in Wyoming. I started blogging during my pre-service education and now blogging is my best professional development tool because of the reflection it lends itself to.

Check out some of the posts I’ve written to get to know my blog and me better:

I wrote this piece in a summer course which I think is a cleverly funny and informative if you want to know more about me and what books I would take on a desert island.

My best-researched and most popular post is 6 Steps to Foster Student Motivation in Reading Class.

I love blogging about Adolescent Literature, primarily through It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? posts.

My funniest piece is The Quest of a Clueless College Student.

This is my teacher vision statement I hold fast to when now that I’m a teacher which also contains my philosophy of education.

One of my favorite posts is Thoughts of a D+ Test.

An off-the-wall post (which is pretty funny) is #bathroomconvo.

And sometimes I feature my little brother’s writing like Seeing Susan which is a darn good piece, especially for a twelve-year-old.

I also love to vlog. Bonus: this vlog is called Poop Scooping & English.


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