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5 Things that Motivated Me to Have My Best Year in Reading

My reading goal for 2015 was to simply read more than I did in 2014. And I did it. I read 10,000 more pages and 19 more books. Yay!!! The Numbers Books read… Continue reading

NCTE 2015

I was more than ready to head to Minneapolis to NCTE’s convention this year. Although I’ve been to the last two conventions, this year was the first year I got to go as… Continue reading

Initial Feelings of a Brand New Teacher

The certification says that I’m highly qualified to do this. Then why do I feel otherwise? I’m the youngest teacher and the most inexperienced. I’ve never had a classroom of my own before.… Continue reading

Summer PD Update: Poetry Jar

At the beginning of the summer, I set a few summer professional development goals. Despite working full-time, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to get a few things crossed off my checklist.… Continue reading

10 Ways to Make Book Club Better

One of my primary goals for my student teaching experience was to initiate book clubs. Having only helped initiate one small book club on my college campus (and only for one semester), I… Continue reading

What We Say in our Classroom Matters

I recently finished reading Choice Words by Peter Johnston who completely reaffirms everything I believe about education. The biggest take away from the book is: Our beliefs about education are reflected in our… Continue reading

Introducing Problem-Solution Writing Zombie Style

When the principal called to set up the interview, I was ready – beyond ready. And then he said, “And you’ll have to give an hour teaching demonstration along with a formal interview.”… Continue reading

Summer 2015 PD Plans

After expressing my fears of June, July, and August, I have decided that I can waste away the summer months fretting over the commencement of school or I can do something about it.… Continue reading

June, July, and August

We’ve all heard that the best part of teaching is June, July, and August. Although this cliché is not true for most teachers, many educators look forward to rest and rejuvenation during the… Continue reading

The Quest of a (Clueless) Teacher

Being a teacher is hard work: walk there, talk about that, blabble on about stuff; most importantly, DON’T let the kids get out of CONTROL. So much responsibility. So much work.   Sometimes… Continue reading