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Finding the Time

I feel like I’m constantly rushing: Rushing from class to class, meeting to meeting, event to event, gathering to gathering. Rushing through the curriculum, through the benchmarks, through the important lessons to get… Continue reading

A Day In the Life of a Teacher: Real Time

5:45 a.m. It’s far too early to wake up. It’s the time in the year where the sun gets sleepier and sleepier, not wanting to get up, either. 6:15 a.m. Coffee going. Lunch… Continue reading

What Causes Teachers To Get Sassy

Rushing up to the steps to my house, I violently fling the door open. Breathlessly I ask, “Do you know what I don’t get?” My unassuming, loving boyfriend is lounging in the recliner.… Continue reading

Confessions of a First Year Teacher: I Pretend I Have a Kid

Confession: I love dessert. Any dessert. All desserts. Cookies, ice cream, cake, brownies, crumbles, pies…anything with sugar or frosting or both. I have been known to make a pan of brownies and gobble… Continue reading

Confessions of a First Year Teacher: I Cried & Laughed

The stillness of the room Is palpable. Tick-tock. Ten Minutes left. 600 seconds until They arrive. Soon Their voices, feet, Backpacks will Destroy the silence.   Tuesday, a horrible, horrible day. The classroom… Continue reading

Confessions of a First Year Teacher

One year ago when I was initially hired as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, I was elated. After spending four years to train and prepare, the time had finally come to put… Continue reading

Bumps and Bruises

Today when I was grudgingly putting dirty laundry into the washer, my forehead decided to fight the cabinet. I came away with all of the laundry successfully in the washer and a gnarly… Continue reading

My Path

I need to get out. The sun is shining and I know I should be outside enjoying the seasonally warm November afternoon. I need to rationalize with myself. Yes, it’s okay to set… Continue reading

Teaching Is Hard

I have officially made it through the first quarter of the school year as a teacher. I have survived the open house, the first day of school, the first unit, and parent-teacher conferences.… Continue reading

I’m a Teacher

Last week was the beginning of my teaching career. Students flooded the front doors, handbooks were dispersed, and pencils were sharpened. But I still can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I’m a teacher.… Continue reading