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The Feel of the Great Plains

Only traces of life touch this place – faint tracks of diesel trucks and whitetail deer. The horizon endlessly reaches, reaches. Lack of voices signify the sound of these Great Plains as power… Continue reading

Disagreements During Writing Conferences

As a writing assistant, I get a variety of students that have a wide variety of needs. I’ve recently been working with Intro to College Writing students and my sessions with them are… Continue reading

Nebraska Writing Center Consortium 2014

A few weeks ago I spent my weekend attending the Nebraska Writing Center Consortium (NWCC). As a writing assistant at Chadron State College’s Learning Center, I represented the college’s writing center at the… Continue reading

How To Teach Grammar Without Teaching Grammar

As a writing assistant, I help a variety of students. Some students are required to attend and some students voluntarily seek help. In both cases, tutees usually have no expectation for our services. Many students… Continue reading

My Theory of Writing Instruction

The story nearly bursts out of its confinement just waiting to be told. To be heard. To be understood. To be interpreted. To be retold and reinterpreted. The untold story nearly dribbles off… Continue reading

Writing Is…

My place is Different, Unique, Uncharted; My space is Absolute, Untouchable, Undeniable; A place for me To think To breathe To discover To uncover. My words are yet to be discovered: Unwritten, Exclusively… Continue reading

What to Write When You Can Write Anything

Friends, I need advice. I thought about writing a letter to Dear Abby but I need immediate feedback. The dilemma: I don’t know what to write. Now, I know that sounds crazy. I… Continue reading

Writing for Real Life

The girl in the back row refuses to work on her multi-genre writing project. I’ve tried reasoning, begging, and pleading but she still won’t cooperate with me. Sure she’s been sassy all semester… Continue reading


Imagine if… A spaceship landed in your front lawn You were a boy instead of a girl Cats could talk What if… Cell phones didn’t exist People had three ears Cats could sing… Continue reading

3 Arts of Writing

Writing is essential to living. Nearly every career requires at least minimal ability to write. Police officers write tickets. Scientists write lab reviews. Stay-at-home moms write Christmas cards. Writing is everywhere. In medieval… Continue reading