Book Chat

Watch my video and get excited to read The Lost Wagon Train by Stephen Bly, Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak! Advertisements

Speak for Them

Pop Quiz! Choose the best answer. In high school I was a ________________. 1. Jock or Cheerleader 2. Thespian or Suffering Artist 3. Plain Jane 4. None of the Above In high school… Continue reading

Hunger Chat: Catching Fire Book Talk

Let’s Hunger Chat!

↑ Expectations

Launched into the sky like a bird in mid-flight, a pole vaulter swings his entire body over the towering barrier and lands on a spongy mat. Pole vaulters use learned skills, such as… Continue reading

Finding the Chink in the Fence

After reading the first book of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy, I was a goner. I was hooked like a tuna on Wicked Tuna. Instantaneously, I became fixated with finding the first movie;… Continue reading

The Schneider Family Prize

“How can his outside look so normal and his inside be so broken? Like an apple, red perfect on the outside, but mushy brown at the first bite” (Lord 109-110). Autism Obsessive Compulsive… Continue reading

Choose Your Wish Wisely

Pouf! Out of a dust-covered bottle a Genie appears. His commanding voice booms as he simply says, “I will grant you three wishes.” What would you wish for? • Wealth? • Power? •… Continue reading

The Quest of a (Clueless) College Student

Mission: Read The Outsiders for Adolescent Literature Problem: I don’t have The Outsiders Solution: Rent The Outsiders from the library Piece of cake, right? Wrong. Attempt #1 My first attempt to the solution… Continue reading

Waiting for Life to ‘Clique’

Several tall, muscular guys grab their lunch trays and instinctively head towards their usual table. Although they collectively look like a pack of lions, they tug at their delicate, wine-colored sweaters as they… Continue reading

The GIRL on Fire: Burning Past Male Heroes

Since the 1960’s, America has become spidey-crazed. Between Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man comic, the Spider-Man TV series, the first, second, and third Spider-Man movies, and the Amazing Spider-Man movie, a person has multiple opportunities… Continue reading