What to Write When You Can Write Anything

Friends, I need advice. I thought about writing a letter to Dear Abby but I need immediate feedback.

The dilemma:

I don’t know what to write.


Now, I know that sounds crazy. I am English major after all but please take my predicament seriously…

The situation:  

I began my nonfiction writing course yesterday and after reading the syllabus I realized that I have the creative license to take the class in whatever direction I choose. This is exactly what I wanted from the course but now that I actually have the power, I’m at a loss for inspiration.

I want to continue writing on my education blog (which you’re reading now) but I also want to expand my perspective and try something different.

Here are the ideas I’ve collected thus far:

  • Fishing column
  • Memoirs
  • Blog about writing
  • Outdoor activity review
  • DIY articles
  • Write about reading
  • Slam poetry

This list is, by far, not exhausted and I want to widen my horizon. What types of nonfiction writing would you like to do if you had the time?

The best part is that my collection doesn’t have to be strictly nonfiction, some genre mixing is also allowed.


The other awesome part about this class is that we must create some type of publishable essay of any length or topic. This leaves the doors wide open and I fear that I will miss a great opportunity simply because I haven’t heard of some platform.

Do you know of any great publishing opportunities? It could be as simple as entering my (currently unwritten) piece for submission in a journal or newspaper or scholarship competition.

So, my friends, what would you write if you could write anything?

Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated because Dear Abby is one busy lady.

dear abby