Initial Feelings of a Brand New Teacher

The certification says that I’m highly qualified to do this. Then why do I feel otherwise?

I’m the youngest teacher and the most inexperienced. I’ve never had a classroom of my own before.

People tell me I won’t know how to do this until I’ve done it for at least three years. But they don’t know what I’ve done the last three years. I’ve been preparing for this year, my first year teaching, for seven semester and countless credit hours.

I’ve spent my summers reading middle grades and young adult novels. I’ve read dozens of books written by real teachers doing really admirable things in their classrooms. I have Pinterest boards, a Twitter profile, a WordPress blog, and a Feedly all dedicated to becoming a better teacher.

I’ve sat in the front row of five conferences to learn from the best English teachers in the country. Not only do I watch these remarkable teachers via the internet – I participate in the conversation. For nearly three years I’ve dedicated my time to write on this blog, reflecting on numerous topics in education as well as my own experience teaching.

I haven’t been teaching the last three years. I’ve been learning. My college advisor and remarkable professor, Elisabeth, believes that teaching doesn’t give you experience. Learning gives you experience.

Yes, my certification indicates that I’m legally allowed to teach, but everything else I’ve done indicates that I will be a great teacher, even if it is my first year. I’ve just got to remember that.